40 Effed Up Things about being 40

1.  Other than Teen Mom, I have no clue what’s on MTV

2.  When people say “middle-aged,” they might mean me.

3.  I can’t wear sequins or I’ll look like a cougar.

4.  I’m more likely to forget to have sex than to forget to floss.

5.  If I eat chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, I’ve gained a size by dinnertime.

6.  Even if I finally get a full night’s sleep, I still look like I was up all night. But not up all night doing something cool.

7.  I’m probably never going to be a Solid Gold Dancer.

8.   Going out without makeup is seeming more and more like an aggressive act.

9.   The “me” in my head is like the foxy little sister of the “me” in the mirror.

10.   Any girl can look cute like Rachel on Friends in her 20s. Only Jen Aniston looks cute like Rachel on Friends in her 40s.

11.  If I strolled across a college campus, people would assume teacher, not student. (Upside: instant Ph.D!)

12.  I’m old enough to drink, vote, rent a car and be elected to the highest office in the land. All that’s left on my age bucket list is admission to the AARP. Thanks, I’ll wait.

13.  Most days, I choose comfort over style. I’m a traitor to my stilettos.

14.All the tanning I did in college is showing up now as brown blotches. Get a Sharpie and you could draw a cow on my chest.

15.  The Psychedelic Furs, Duran Duran and The Cure are now considered oldies.

16.  Everything I wore in high school has been appropriated ironically by hipsters.

17.  Only a fortysomething is old enough to remember the TV show Thirtysomething. More irony.

18.  Oooh, my back.

19.  Other than the Kardashians, I don’t recognize anyone in the tabloids. Who are these people and why are they famous?

20.  Ages 31-39 are a total blur. I’m scared I’ll blink and be 200.

21.  All of sudden my tight mini-skirts make me look like I’m trying too hard. Hey sluts, incoming at Goodwill!

22.  Uhhh, my back.

23. The Real Housewives and I are, like, the same age. Where’s my butler?

24.  It’s occurring to me that I might not ever visit every single beach on the planet, and I’m actually okay with that, which feels weird.

25.  When I flirt with the cable guy, I don’t get extra channels for free anymore.

26.  I still think 21-year-old guys are hot. And they’re like, “Mom?”

27.  Why didn’t I take naked pictures of myself when I was 30?

28.  I fantasize about taping up the sides of my face. Try it with your fingers — it takes 10 years off instantly.

30.  Cripes, my back.

31.  Touching my toes is not a guarantee.

32.  Forget 50 Shades of Grey – my nightstand is full of wrinkle cream and Bengay. The apothecary is open!

33.  I even have one of those days-of-the-week vitamin boxes.

34.  If I buy a turtle it might outlive me.

35.  The bad habits I still have are probably here to stay.

36.  I say things like, “What’s the name of that actor, you know, he was in that thing?”

37.  I get a hangover from looking at liquor.

38.  The next milestone birthday is 50.

39.  Did I mention my reading glasses?

40.  One word: “Ma’am.”

40 cupcake


90 Day Market Stats

Jackson County

Median List Price: $148,467 Average List Price: $184,849
Total Inventory: 3,406 Price Per Square Foot: $78/SqFt
Average Home Size: 1,835 SqFt Median Lot Size: 31,976 SqFt
Average # Beds: 3.20 Average # Baths: 2.14
Homes Absorbed: 406 Newly Listed: 413
Days on Market: 72 days Average Age: 49 years


Johnson County

Median List Price: $292,872 Average List Price: $379,146
Total Inventory: 2,021 Price Per Square Foot: $117/SqFt
Average Home Size: 2,619 SqFt Median Lot Size: 55,548 SqFt
Average # Beds: 3.77 Average # Baths: 2.91
Homes Absorbed: 282 Newly Listed: 285
Days on Market: 54 days Average Age: 28 years


Weekly Economic Update

From NAR: Existing-Home Sales Down 5.3% in Midwest in September. 

The government is once again open-for-business, and the Sept. Non-Farm Payrolls report, which had been delayed by the shutdown, will be released tomorrow. That’s the biggest report for the week ahead.

Since the shutdown has been resolved (for now,) many members of the Fed Open Market Committee – even ones who have not been “fans” of their bond-buying program – are sending signals that the Fed will not start to “taper” the program before the end of the year.

Bottom Line for Mortgages
Mortgage rates are hovering near 3-month lows as we start the week. It is an excellent time to get pre-qualified.


Weekly Economic Update

The shutdown continues, and in its wake another week of no major economic reports. 

Last week though CoreLogic reported a 33% drop in foreclosure inventory, which marks the 22nd consecutive month of foreclosure declines.

However, the big story is the gridlock in Washington over raising the debt ceiling. On October 17th, the federal government will reach its borrowing limit. If Congress and the White House can’t reach an agreement, the effects on the economy could be severe.

Bottom Line for Mortgages

Mortgage rates are holding steady with all the uncertainty. The minutes from the last Fed meeting were released last week, and it showed most board members except one want more evidence of economic growth before “tapering” their bond-buying program. 


Weekly Mortgage Update

The government shutdown means we did not see an updated Jobs Report for last month, and markets aren’t moving too much one way or the other. Last week CoreLogic reported a 12% increase in their year-over-year Home Price Index, which is continued good news for housing. 

Despite the shutdown, most lenders are still processing and CLOSING all types of mortgages – including FHA/VA and Conventional Loans.

Bottom Line for Mortgages

Mortgage rates are holding steady with all the uncertainty. This week’s release of the minutes from the last Fed meeting may cause rates to move a bit.