What’s Popular in Kitchens Now

Trend No. 9: Mixing Metals

What the pros say. As cabinet pulls, light fixtures, faucets and other hardware are one of the easiest parts of a kitchen to swap out, they’re a logical place to try something new. And pros say that while oil-rubbed bronze and brass were must-haves recently, people are experimenting with a variety of metal finishes, including champagne brass and charcoal stainless.

“It’s not just about brass anymore. I feel like for a while everybody wanted brass, but there are so many beautiful options out there,” Harper says. “And I think people are a little bit more comfortable mixing metals too.” A client might opt for brass hardware and a different metallic color in lighting, she says.

What saved Houzz photos say. Saved kitchen photos from the past three months feature a mix of more golden brass hardware and darker bronzes, often set against the glint of stainless steel appliances.

Getting the low-key look. Just one element — a pendant light, stool legs, a faucet — with a different finish can help you avoid any matchy-matchy monotony and give your kitchen a bolder, lived-in edge.

Getting the full-out look. Incorporating too many different finishes in one space can feel busy, but two or three can make things interesting and sophisticated.



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*Info Provided by Houzz.com


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