What’s Popular in Kitchens Now

Trend No. 4: Still Shaker

What the pros say. The versatility of basic Shaker cabinets — defined by their flat center door panels and a generally clean raised-square frame — continues to make them a popular pick for kitchens. “Shaker-style cabinets are very popular because they can look a little bit traditional and they can look a little bit modern,” Harper says. “They have clean lines, so depending on the hardware that you choose and other elements in the kitchen, it can go either way.”

What homeowners say. By choosing Shaker style for her cabinet redo, Dabbs says she was able to give a nod to her traditional house’s history while giving the space a fresh update. It also saved her a significant amount of money, as the inset cabinets she had initially wanted would have cost $20,000 more.

And she’s not alone: Shaker cabinets remain the most popular among all segments of homeowners, according to Houzz research.

What saved Houzz photos say. More than half of the 20 most popular recent kitchen photos featured Shaker-style cabinets.


Next time….#5

*info provided by Houzz.com



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