What’s Popular in Kitchens Now

Trend No. 3: Open Shelving

What the pros say. Open shelving can make a kitchen look taller and airier. As this look gets more popular, Luke Owen of Kansas City-based Owen Homes says his team has seen a corresponding spike in requests for hideaway places for smaller appliances, outlets and other clutter.

Dishes, plants and knickknacks displayed on open shelves need thoughtful curation to avoid a cluttered look, so having spaces to tuck away less-attractive counter-crowders can keep things balanced and tidy. Having fewer pieces on the shelves also minimizes the risk of your favorite platter crashing down. (Open shelves typically aren’t made to withstand the weight cabinets are.)

What homeowners say. Though it can work with a number of styles, the sometimes minimalist, sometimes rustic vibe of wood and metal open shelving fits right in with transitionalcontemporary and farmhouse kitchen styles — the first, second and third most-popular new kitchen styles that renovating homeowners chose when updating their kitchens, according to the Houzz 2018 Kitchen Trends Study.

What saved Houzz photos say. Natural wood open shelving seems to come up the most in recent popular photos, though white and black examples also appear.

Getting the low-key look. Even just a few shelves can draw the eye up and make a small space look bigger.

Getting the full-out look. 
More shelves mean more styling and maintenance to keep your kitchen from looking too busy. To create that sleek, intentional feeling with more shelves, group items by color, leave some shelf space open and carve out plenty of sturdier, hidden space for bulky appliances and mismatched dishware.


Next time….Trend #4

*Info provided by Houzz



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