The Right Way to Pick a (Gorgeous!) Color Scheme for Your Home

Because the wrong paint job can seriously wreck your home.

First, Find Your Inspiration

Rather than picking a palette from a big box store’s paint brochures or from whatever Pinterest’s algorithm serves you up, look into your own soul. Or, at least, into your closet or out your window.

“Designers always have a starting point,” says interior designer Maria Killam, who also writes the “Colour Me Happy” blog.

It might be a favorite sweater or a photo of your favorite beach spot.

Or it could be a feeling you want your home to have: cheery, bright, dramatic, cozy … whatever feels right to you.

For Killam, it was a feeling of “fresh.” So she used a mix of flowers and foliage to come up with her inspiration:

whole-house-color-palette-pillow-standard_2x3_7179e2ce6495003d0b08390853a7962b_320x480_q85      whole-house-color-palette-pink-bathroom-standard_2x3_148b52c3be7a6dd4e71cac389164e341_320x480_q85

For HomePolish designer Melissa Mascara, wallpaper patterns inspired her palette.

whole-house-color-palette-gold-wallpaper-standard_2x3_4a25462000079b8b6a64ee30cd9e47fa_320x480_q85     whole-house-color-palette-dining-room-wallpaper-standard_2x3_54069002b367c2280a2640678b3c0a11_320x480_q85

Learn (Just a Bit) About Undertones

Paint color undertones have the power to make or break your whole-house color palette — and you’re not alone if your response to that is, “Under-whats, now?”

If you’ve ever had a beige that looks just right in the can, but turns an ugly shade of pink on the wall, it’s a red undertone to blame. And it happens because undertones are almost impossible to see in the can.

But you need to because the undertones in your home’s cabinets and counters can bring out the undertones you can’t see in your palette — like that ugly pink beige mentioned above. White cabinets with a green undertone could be the culprit that changed it to something sickly.

Until next time….

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