11 Striking Ways to Add Color to Any Room

#1 Paint the Inside of Your Cabinets

Because anyone can paint the doors, but getting rid of them and painting the inside is more interesting.

Using the same color on the cabinet’s back panel and the wall behind them adds continuity to the space.

#2 Paint Your Office Your Favorite Color

Because in there, you’re the boss.

The trick to making a bold palette work? Favorite color + white + contrasting color = smashing room.

#3 Dare To Have A Bright Ceiling

Because you get a pop of color by painting just one surface.

#4 Choose Retro Hues

Because throwback colors turn cookie cutter into quirky cool.

You can’t beat a kitchen makeover for the cost of a gallon of paint and new cabinet hardware.

#5 Add Wow With Wallpaper

Because wallpaper’s back, and it’s not your grandma’s tea-rose print circa 1948.

Today’s wallpaper features bold prints and colors (and can even be temporary).

#6 Focus on the Floor

Because a bright color underfoot can add big personality to a neutral room.

#7 Paint the Window Trim

Because you don’t have time to repaint the entire kitchen.

Add pizzazz in an afternoon by painting a window pane’s trim a bright color. Just that.

You’ll get an instant focal point to distract from the clutter that never seems to totally leave the kitchen. For maximum impact, choose a color complementary to the cabinets.

#8 Don’t Re-Tile A Backsplash, Stick Decals On It

Because putting fancy tiles on a wall is expensive and a big commitment.

And unnecessary.  Peel, stick, done. And if you hate them or just get tired of them? Pull off, throw away, done.

#9 Choose a Bold Hearth Hue

Because you can get a big bang of bold color by painting just one key thing.

Give your room an instant focal point by painting the fireplace, bricks, wood, and wall above it a single, brilliant color. Keep the rest of the room furnished simply and neutral, so the fireplace can be the star of the show.

#10 Paint the Backside Of A Door

Because it’s a great place to tuck in unexpected color.

This is especially effective in spaces that are otherwise neutral, like a bathroom. Because a door is a small surface, you can go bold without overpowering the room.

#11 Turn A Bedroom Ceiling Into Art

Because you spend a lot of time looking at it, so it should be interesting.

*Info provided by Houselogic

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