Bathroom Staging Tips That Help Buyers Fall in Love

It’s de-grime time: Scrub and sanitize the walls, floor, shower door — virtually every surface that comes in contact with steam.

Spend extra time scrubbing that tile grout and re-caulk around the tub if necessary.


If your bathroom tile is dated, try paint instead of replacing it. Start with a high-adhesion primer and either epoxy or latex paint.

Remove clutter from the countertop, tub, and top of toilet. Clean surfaces until they gleam.

Pack up and hide all your personal products — from medicine to razors.

Create a luxury spa look with a fancy soap dispenser, fluffy white towels, decorative baskets, candles, plants, a white shower curtain, and a new bath mat.

Fix leaky or running toilets and replace toilet seats.

Remove hard water stains on faucets and shower heads. (Try vinegar!)

Take a daring sniff of the drains. Odorous? Clean them out, and deodorize with baking soda, boiling water, or vinegar.

Time for a new sink anyway? Try a pedestal sink to optimize precious bathroom space.

Until next time….

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