Genius Christmas Hacks Part II

  • Chill Wine with Frozen Cranberries

    Your wine bucket just gained the spotlight on your dinner table. Lay cranberries on a shallow tray and run just enough water to cover them. Freeze, then break into pieces. Add to your ice bucket with a collection of fir cuttings, and pop some bubbly.


    Skip the Bow for Travel-Ready Gifting

    If you have places to be this Christmas, opt for a ribbon-wrap over a bulky, crushable bow. This quick weaving technique ensures that your gift wrap is still stylish.


    Make an Advent Calendar from a Muffin Tin

    Craft yourself a Christmas countdown in no time with our do-it-yourself calendar. You’ll need a muffin tin with 24 cups; a circle cut fromadhesive magnet sheets for each cup; and fun trinkets, notes, and candies for gifts. Simply number the circles (one for each day leading up to Christmas) and fill each cup with a surprise before covering with a magnetic circle. Hang on a wall with festive ribbon.

    Label Christmas Gifts with Family Pictures

    Add a little extra festive cheer to your gifts by using family snapshots in the place of name tags. Simply print digital photos on whitecardstock, cut into decorative shapes, and attach to your presents.

    Personalize a Clear Ball Ornament

    Plain transparent ornament balls get a personalized update when stuffed with meaningful keepsakes. We opted for sheet music from a favorite carol, but old Christmas letters and other memorabilia work well, too.

    Use Scissors to Cut Cookie Balls into Holiday Blossoms

    Get ready for your Christmas cookie exchange with our adorable holiday blossom cookies. Roll sugar cookie dough into balls, roll in colored decorative sugar, and snip to form lovely flowers.

    Wrap Gifts with Fabric

    Save money, save time: Those are the end goals of any holiday hacks. Try to repurpose what you already have for unique, fun wrapping — say fabric scraps for smaller presents that can travel with you without worry of paper ripping or bows bending. Place your box in the center of the fabric and tie the ends together in a tight knot.

    Use Family-Favorite Photos to Make an Everlasting Garland

    Display your favorite holiday memories year after year with a DIY photo garland. Use snapshots taken during the season and mount them onto pieces of cardstock; add scrapbooking label holders as IDs. Hang the photos from plain or colored twine using clothespins. You can reuse the same garland each year or switch out old photos with new ones.

    Decorate with Leftover Ornaments

    Too many decorations and not enough tree? Here’s a pretty Christmas mantel hack that involves minimal effort: Simply organize your orbs in a glass cloche (turn the cloche upside down and fill it carefully with different-size ornaments to pack them in tightest). When you’re happy, turn it over and place on a plate for the ultimate mobility.

    Store Christmas Lights on Tension Rods

    Skip the Christmas-light stress. Instead of piling your lights in storage boxes or wrapping them in circles, opt for a tangle-free option. The trick to storing your lights mess-free is by wrapping the individual strands around your hand, transferring them to tension rods, then fitting the tension rods to a plastic storage container.

    Until next time….

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