Unique staging tips that will sell your home fast

DIY your own stainless steel paneling

Different appliance surfaces go in and out of vogue a lot more frequently than most of us can keep up with. If you’re dealing with an outdated material on a perfectly fine dishwasher, don’t fret. You can easily transform this piece into a trendy, stainless steel fixture with a little elbow grease. Clean the front panels on each appliance and then carefully apply a stick-on stainless steel film cover. Cut the film down to size and you’re done!

Repaint your walls to match your drapes

Looking to add a luxurious, polished look to your home? Now is not the time for a bold design statement. Instead, create the illusion of space by pairing your wall and drapery colors (preferably in a nuanced, neutral hue). This gives the space an unbroken appearance, ultimately making your decor appear more integrated and smooth.

Use awkward spaces to your advantage

That spot under the stairs has been the perfect catchall to hold unused junk, but that won’t be a big sell to buyers, who are trying to imagine your space as the tableau for their new, clutter-free lives. Instead, take advantage of odd little nooks in your home by turning them into a reading nook or small office space. Or install built-in shelves in the area—they always rank high on buyers’ want lists.

Bake some cookies

Who isn’t drawn to a space that lingers with the smell of fresh cookies? Make a new batch before each showing so that delicious odor can waft around your kitchen as a natural room deodorizer. Plus, you can set out the tempting treats as a celebration for any potential buyers. Double win!

Turn your porch lights on at night

You never know when the right buyer will suddenly appear, so turning on outdoor lights will communicate to homebuyers who might be driving around that you’re home and ready to give them some information—or maybe even a quick tour.

Hang mirrors strategically

It’s okay to use just the teensiest bit of visual trickery to make spaces appear more light and luxurious. Mirrors hung in dim or cramped spots reflect lighting that gives a more spacious, luminous feel to the area. 

Replace your bathroom towels

Give your restrooms the spa treatment by swapping out old, mismatched towels for some luxe, fluffy replacements in brilliant white. You can even do the same thing for your linens, trading old quilts and sheets for plush, clean, new bedding. There’s nothing like crisp, white surfaces to transport visitors, so their effect on your bathrooms and bedrooms should not be underestimated. Just think, finding the right buyer could be as simple as changing the towels!

Info by: Erin Vaughan, Contributor to ClarkHoward.com

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