Peace. Serenity. Comfort. All of these are the things we’re searching for in our home. With REALTOR® Magazine reporting the number of Chinese buyers looking at U.S. property has surpassed Canadian shoppers and an Asian Real Estate Association of America survey revealing that nearly 8 out of 10 Asian-American shoppers would pay more for a home decorated with feng shui tenets, it’s clear that the there’s also prosperity in the practice.

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Here are some feng shui touches suitable for any price point that can not only help you enjoy your house while you live there, but also when it comes time to move, help homebuyers choose your property above another.


  • Make the area welcoming. No matter if you are living or staging a home, the furniture arrangement and walking areas have to be welcoming. Sit chairs in pairs so there’s room for conversation. Have the first thing you see when you walk into a room be the seats rather than the backs of furnishings. Point the foot of the bed toward the walls rather than straight at the door.
  • Represent all five elements in your decor. In feng shui, black signifies water, green means wood, red represents fire, white speaks to metal, and the spectrum of yellow, beige and brown signifies earth. Incorporating each into the different sections of your home allows for balance and harmony — a major part to achieving feng shui.
  • Keep life in all areas. Along with the various colors that represent the environment, home design that leaves room for plant life in each room or water fixtures that can be prominently shown unites your indoor spaces with the outdoors and allows for a high level of feng shui in your home.
  • Be serious about relaxation in your bedroom. Your bedroom shouldn’t be a place for storage or stress. Try to keep the electronics out of your bedroom — or at the very least your bed — to designate your bedroom as a zone for relaxation. Extra storage and clutter under the bed or in the closet contributes to the energy in the room, even though it looks like it is tucked out of sight.


Head to About Home’s feng shui guide for more tips on how to enact these time-honored tenets into your modern-day home.

Info from realtyexecutives.com

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