How To Build Your Real Estate Business on Pinterest


Create many different boards

With a page full of a variety of boards, your followers will stay interested in the content you’re pinning. Be sure to have a board of listings. After that, branch out to previously sold homes, interior design tips, home staging advice, local attractions in your area and more. The bigger the variety of boards, the better, but it’s also important to remember not to self-promote too much—you want to always provide valuable content.


Use keywords in photo descriptions

First, always write a description under your pins! This is a great way to reach your followers, and give them your contact information each time they see one of your pins. When writing these, use keywords that people may search within Pinterest. This way, your pins will be more easily found and potentially re-pinned more often. Test different keywords and see what gets the most likes, re-pins and comments.

Pin original content

This can be a great way to drive traffic to your website. If you have a blog, creating a post board just for these articles is a great idea, and pinning directly from your blog’s website using the pin it button can direct people back to your website.  Want to pin a listing? Pin them directly from your website. This also has huge SEO benefits!

Create a video board

Videos are huge on Pinterest, but be cautious with self-promotion. Don’t use listing videos on this board, but rather if you have how-to videos of yourself, tutorials or frequently asked question videos, these can be a great source of information for followers.

Be social

It’s called social media for a reason. Follow people and brands that lign with your brand, and the content you’re pinning. This will give you a constant feed of interesting pins and also give you great content to re-pin. Also, encourage people to comment on your photos. Ask for their opinion on a home’s interior décor or a photo of pretty landscaping. As one part of your social media strategy, Pinterest is a fascinating example of the power of visual media. Users spend more time on the site than Facebook and Twitter, which could help your brand immeasurably if used properly. Plus, it integrates easily with Facebook and Twitter. It’s an easy-to-use tool that can help boost your business to the next level.

*Info from HSA Home Warranty

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