10 Apps Realtors Need for 2016



  • Circleback: This app cleans, completes, and merges your duplicate contacts so your contacts are always up to date with the most accurate information available.
  • Facebook Ad Manager: This app is an incredible time saver for on-the-go agents. Facebook now allows agents to check their campaign’s progress, as well as edit and create ads right from their phones!
  • Homekeepr: This agent-branded app sends your past clients maintenance reminders for their home. It also allows you to set up a directory of preferred vendors for your client.
  • Homes.com Mortgage Calculator: The ultimate, all-in-one calculator for all your real estate needs. Use this tool to help your clients understand their financial costs and options.
  • Hyperlapse: The ultimate source for polished time-lapse videos. Use this to create 15-20 second property and neighborhood tours or use it to recap your open house!
  • Notability: Use this app to write notes, type up quick documents, sign and share contracts, and for general organization and workflow creation.
  • Pocket: Pocket is an easy to use bookmark tool that helps you to save content and articles you find on the web to your “pocket,” making it easy to access for your blog or newsletters later.
  • SwiftKey: The Swiftkey app helps you type messages faster and more accurately with smarter, personalized word prediction. Now with over 30 different themes!
  • VocalReferences: Record, upload, and share testimonials with VocalReferences! This app records video and audio so you can get glowing client testimonials at a moment’s notice!
  • Wrike: This app allows you to set up and track workflows and tasks. The app includes file sharing and a real time activity stream to make sure you and your team are always in sync.

*Info from Homes.com

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