Star Wars: Ranking the Galaxy’s Most Iconic Homes

5. Theed Royal Palace

Theed Royal Palace











Atop a cliff in Naboo’s capital city, the Royal Palace was modeled after the real-life Marin County Civic Center designed by Frank Lloyd Wright—regrettably not a long time ago, nor in a galaxy far, far away. The interior is actually the Palace of Caserta (Italy’s answer to Versailles), with 1,200 rooms, a library and a theater, all overlooking a garden blooming on nearly 300 acres.

What’s it worth? Based on approximations for the French landmark and the Civic Center, the palace and its many watch towers could fetch up to $2 billion if it ever went to market.

4. Hutt Castle

Hutt Castle









Otherwise known as Jabba’s Palace, this durasteel monastery-turned-crime lord retreat offers unobstructed views of Tatooine’s Dune Sea. Powered by energy produced at an in-house facility, the castle features a tower with spiral staircase and holoprojector, an elevator with a capacity for Hutts and polished stone floors throughout.

The real selling point? A pit below the throne room perfect for a pet rancor.

3. Ewok Tree Hut


Nestled more than 150 feet above ground on the Forest Moon of Endor, these treetop huts form Bright Tree Village, an ideal community for those eager to try off-the-grid living. Tree hut residents also have access to ground-level accommodations—an entertainer’s dream when partying it up after a Rebel win.

The best part? These canopy homes are constructed in and around ancient, flame-resistant trees. Yub yub!

2. The Lars Homestead

Lars Homestead

This moisture farm on Tatooine has a storied history, passed down through generations of the Lars family. It comes complete with a semi-subterranean home and courtyard that shields occupants from the planet’s twin suns, and a garage with recharging port roomy enough for three T-16 skyhoppers. The property also features a security access pad barring entrance to Sand People uninvited visitors.

UPDATE: The Lars Homestead is now a pile of charred rubble, and—full disclosure—it may have seen a tragedy or two, but it’s the childhood home of Luke Skywalker, people!

1. Death Star

Death Star

At over 75 miles in diameter, the first Death Star is comparable to a class-IV moon. Composed of quadanium steel and encircled by a mile-wide docking bay, it boasts a hyperdrive system, trash compactors and a superlaser capable of blasting planets to oblivion. Several more defining features were also added by the architect, including an exhaust port no bigger than a womp rat.

UPDATE: Like the Lars Homestead, Death Star I is no more. Still, flaw and all, it’s priceless.

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