Five Things That Frighten First Time House Hunters

real estate transaction from clipart

1. Staging Shock

As a buyer’s agent, you’re searching, filtering, and prep skills are put to the test during the magical moment where you unlock a potential home for a client.

2. “Friendly” Advice

First time house hunters are information thirsty. That means they’ll give ear to almost any data they think will help them through the transaction. This is especially true when it comes to friends, family, or other house hunters they meet along the way.

3. Hot Headlines

The tactics above apply for fighting the headlines too. National news stories, local features on housing or home hunting tragedy, and social media postings can all have an effect on a house hunter’s motivation.

4. Devastating Digits

While you can change the shock of the numbers that come along with the initial home purchase, like the Good Faith Estimate, you can lessen their negative effects. To do this, remember that for first-timers, numbers are a dish best served warm.

5. “Absentee” Agents

Nothing shakes a first-time buyer worse than the feeling that they can’t access their agent. Whether or not the feeling is actually true, the mere sentiment that a first time buyer is in a transaction alone can cause them to jump ship.

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