Top Ten Clients You Don’t Want


10. 2014’s Experts

The only thing worse than a know-it-all is one who’s using yesterday’s news. Asking prices were up seven percent last November, the Fed is closing in on an interest rate hike, and a client who can’t take the time to listen to your advice won’t be able to close in this year’s fast-changing markets.

9. Close-Range Conflicts

It’s a great testament to your reputation when friends and family want to work with you. But, it’s not always the best decision to accept the offer. If you think the worst-case transaction scenario would ruin the relationship, refer the client to someone you trust.

8. The Fundamentally Fibbed

Whether it’s about their buying motivation or listers that don’t want to disclose, stay away from liars. The bait and switch burns time, patience, and ultimately the value of closing the deal.

7. The Phantom

You can’t please a client you’ve never met. If you come across a prospect who has to consult with an invisible someone for every decision, be on guard. There’s a good chance you’re actually working with or against a hidden decision maker that will make it impossible to close.

6. Budget Busters

In a changing market, shopping at the top of your budget is both ambitious and alarming. When you meet a buyer determined to break the bank, break left. This real estate hopeful may not but in-touch enough to close in a market where prices are rising.

5. The Oblivious and Unvested

Real estate magic doesn’t exist. If you meet a client who wants you to make all the decisions or seems to have priorities that trump their search, jump ship. Only the motivated will close in 2015.

4. Astronauts, Aliens, and other Extraterrestrials

The short version: Clueless clients can can’t close on this planet. A sense of reality is a requirement for 2015 clients. If you meet a prospect with preferences from another world (like a high-rise with doorman in the middle of farmland), take the hint and spend the time on another lead.

3. Untidy Titled

One title report goes a long way. According to real estate expert Melissa Zavala, “Negotiating eight liens may not result in a quick and efficient closing. Your time may be better spent looking for new leads.”

2. Companion Not Included

Everybody needs somebody some time; especially when it’s time to make the biggest purchase of your life. When a client doesn’t have any support, they can mistake you for a parent or friend and become a real drain on your time. Beware! Lack of support can be a sign that you’ll be in for more handholding than normal or will likely end up dealing with a phantom.

1. The Uninspiring

When we’re naturally interested in the outcome, we all work harder and do a better job. If a prospect’s story or needs are totally uninspiring, don’t be afraid to refer them. If you’re not excited about being on the team, you run the risk of being the weakest link.

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