5 Sellers You Don’t Want to Be


1. Sellers Want to List a Property Before It’s Ready

A seller might want to list a property right away—before all of its challenges are solved. And when a property is listed before issues are resolved, it will stay on the market longer, negatively affecting the selling price and wasting time and money.

2.  The Seller is Not Qualified to Handle a Property’s Challenges

When there are known issues like repairs, zoning restrictions, or environmental hazards that pose obstacles to a smooth closing. Bring in the appropriate experts first.

3. The Seller Isn’t Authorized to Sell the Property

In certain cases, the person who presents himself or herself at the seller might not actually be authorized to sell the property.  In instances of divorce, find out who the legal decision maker is and whether both parties must sign.

4. The Seller Isn’t Motivated

A motivated seller should be flexible when it comes to availability to show the property, open to staging suggestions, and willing to take your advice. If not, there may be other motivations that have nothing to do with selling.

5. The Property Is Overpriced

When a seller wants to list a property at an inflated price, it can be a bad sign. Being rigid about an unrealistic price, is not worth the time and trouble of most agents.

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*Info provided by Truila.com


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