Five Hilarious Things that Happen to Real Estate Agents


1. Go-Go Gadget Trunking

Experienced agents know to be ready for anything. That might mean suiting up to take a client meeting during little-league halftime or donning safety goggles right before a showing. If you’ve got enough outfits in your car trunk to dress small family for Halloween, you might be a real estate agent.

2. You Run Into Yourself … a Lot

Getting big exposure is a major part of effectively marketing. It can also be a little weird. Most people don’t drive by their face 40 times a day or get served up web ads of their own smiles all day long. If you’ve ever gotten exhausted looking at yourself, you might be a real estate agent.

3. You Vacation for Money

We’ve heard a ton of you tell us about the real estate agent’sMurphy’s Vacation Law. You book a trip, you’re all packed, and just as you’re about to hit the road, a hot prospect calls. Agents know some of the greatest deals show up at the oddest times; and the best have the super-skills to close them all the way from a tropical island.

4. Office-Wear Olympics

One real estate documentary I’d love to see is “If These Suits Could Talk.” The reality of the well-dressed agent is that you’re likely a Brooks Brothers base jumper, stiletto sprinter, or have the ability to pull of some other athletic feat while all dressed to the nines. On behalf of everyone everywhere, thanks to all of you transaction-savers that go the extra mile no matter what you’re wearing.

5. You’ve Played Taboo at Work

The popular board game Taboo, where you have to describe a topic without saying the “buzz” words, is recreation for most people. For agents, it’s a job skill. Describing some properties is a real test to win with words. Kudos to all of you who know how to signal and sell a fixer-upper listing at the same time.


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