12 things you wish you could say to your clients, but can’t:


1. I have a life, even if you don’t.

The most noble thing about the great agents I know is that they really give themselves to their clients with very few boundaries. The problem is, some clients forget that agents have a life. I’ve heard too many stories of surprise home visits, 3 a.m. calls, and other intrusions that prove that some clients forget that agents have a life.

2. Have you been to lunch with your bank? Neither have I.

For some reason, some buyers and sellers head into a transaction thinking that the banks are their friends. They need you to remind them that everyone in the transaction wants something; and for the banks, that means making money off of buyers that are a good investment. The numbers are black and white and your clients need to know, so are the bank’s interests (pardon the pun).

3. You’re not that special.

It’s true is that every client is special. However, if you’ve been in business for more than four seasons you’ll find a client that thinks they are unreasonably more important than the rest. It’s hard, but you have to find a way to adjust that client’s expectations.

4. 30-minutes sales only happen on TV.

There are a lot of upsides of real estate reality TV: prime exposure for agents, more informed clients, and it helps remind people that it’s always buying season. The down side is that it warps clients into thinking most transactions happen in three showings and short 30 minutes. At the outset of the transaction, remind your clients that there’s a lot of work that happens in the commercial break. Use your local market stats to show time-on-market to adjust both buyer and seller expectations about the time it will take to close the deal.

5. People who matter have money.

There are the clients you see and the phantom clients you don’t. At times, every agent needs to remind their clients that this is or will-be his or her home. While the hidden advisors can be helpful when it comes to emotional support, be sure your clients know that they shouldn’t be “running” the transaction. If worse comes to worse, invite the invisible advisors to a meeting and include them into the transactions.

6. I’d stop screening your calls, if you start screening your questions.

Agents repeat themselves. Agents repeat themselves. I’ll say it again, even the best communicating agents have to repeat themselves. No matter how much you say it or how many ways you answer it, some clients will ask the same questions over and over again.

7. Which organs do you plan to sell before you offer?

Few clients are as difficult to help as those that have budget delusions. Before you start showing and counseling, get your buyers qualified and exposed to your market’s latest prices.

8. It’s not the 34 homes, it’s you.

There’s bound to be leg work involved in matching buyers with the perfect home. But, when your calves start to mirror an olympic track star, it might be time to have a sit down with your clients.

9. Surprise! It turns out, your underwear isn’t photogenic.

We both know that cluttered homes don’t sell. Unfortunately, real estate clients can have a hard time seeing the light. When tackling this tough conversation, let the pictures speak for themselves. Take a few test shots and then ask your clients to share them with people they trust for open honest feedback. There’s a great chance that friends and family may be able to get through where you’re struggling.

10. Your home is high on…..curb calamity.

Everyone remembers to decorate their home on the inside, but many times the curb can be a killer. Again, this is one of the times where what you show can be more powerful than what you say. Sit down with your “curb calamitous” clients and show them a side by side of their listing and the competition. This should help you get them to see the opportunity they’re missing.

11. Just like you, no one wants to live here.

Whether it’s decor, a difficult location, or any number of other sales hurdles, these topics can sometimes get hard to address tactfully. In cases like these, let the data speak for you. Show off your sales stats, take your clients to other open houses, and do anything else you can think of them to bring them close to the harsh reality that they may need to make some price or other changes to move their home.

12. Noooo, I love finding out the real facts at the end.

The worst thing for agents is not having all the facts. Save yourself from having to offer up this piece of sarcasm.

Until next time….



*info provided by Jovan Hackley at Trulia


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