Seven Signs a Seller is About to Self-Destruct


1. Hearing Impairment

The clearest sign that a seller is bound—or about—to self-sabotage is when he or she stops listening to their agent. If you’re recommending a price, repair, staging or other advice and are always met with objection, start the countdown to meltdown.

2. Concession Sores

Serious sellers are willing to go the extra mile to get the deal done. If you hear resistance to paying closing costs, making repairs, or extreme nervousness about the home inspection at the start of the transaction, you may be in for a rough or impossible ride.

3. Green Eyes

Focus is a good thing. Tunnel vision is not. If your sellers are only focused on the dollar, it may be an indicator that they aren’t ready to get the deal done. Other factors, like timing and the type of buyer, should matter to your serious clients. If they don’t, then you may want to ask a few extra questions to ensure your new clients are serious.

4. Severe Faith Loss

When your seller’s interest goes from 60 to zero, call in the SWAT team. And by SWAT I mean Seller Wins at Transaction’s End. If your sellers suddenly lose their faith in their home’s ability to sell, remind them of the “whys.” This may involve taking them to a showing for their next dream home or sending a quick check-in to make sure they are ready for their transition. Remind them that there is a next step if you see them losing faith.

5. Easy Bruising

If every lowball or less-than-ideal offer is an extreme shock to your sellers, you may be super close to being clientless. The more counseling you can offer on what the selling process will be like, the better. If they know tough negotiations are coming, tell your sellers upfront to avoid the explosion.

6. Shortness of Breath

When sellers stop talking, agents should get nervous. Don’t skip the check-ins and don’t forget to send updates like the Trulia Client Listing Report to make sure communication doesn’t ever stop. Keeping your sellers talking periodically is the best way to make sure they make it to the finish line.

7. Swollen Hopes

The last of the self-destruction signs is inflated hope. If you’re sellers are delusional about price, time, or other big factors, they need you to bring them back to reality. Use data to educate to avoid client-death by over-ambition.

Until next time….


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