How to KICK THE TIRES on a House

A new home is one of the most important – not to mention expensive – purchases you’ll make.  That is why it is vital to tour the houses on your list with a critical eye.

  • If the home is listed online, print out copies to take with you and take notes on as your tour.
  • View with a critical eye, and keep emotion out of the picture.
  • Don’t let things like furniture, wall color and decorations influence you.
  • Make not of the amount of closet and storage space.
  • Determine what to expect from utility costs throughout the year.
  • Be aware of any additional fees such as homeowner association dues.
  • Check under and behind furniture for areas needing repair.
  • Ask about history of pest control problems.
  • Take note of the neighborhood, surrounding homes and neighbors.
  • Don’t forget to view the attic and basement.

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